How to Hide Activity on Instagram?

Instagram has come up with many updates in the recent releases. The Instagrammer is very well aware of the updated features. Here is the Instagram activity we are going to talk about.

How to Hide Activity on Instagram?

How to Hide Activity on Instagram on Android

  1. Start the app.
  2. When the user is on the home page, press the profile icon (Circular icon filled with pink on screen) on the bottom bar on the right side.
  1. You shall see the profile panel.
  1. A 3-horizontal lines icon is what the user needs to tap/press.
Instagram option
  1. At the bottom right next to the profile icon, Settings is shown. Tap it.
  1. Pick Privacy to move to the next step.
Activity status
  1. Pressing/Tapping Activity Status takes you to check the status of the activity.
Activity option
  1. Show Activity Status is set to ON (as shown above). 
  2. Set it to OFF by disabling the switch.
Off activity status
  1. This is how you hide your activity on Instagram. Your followers will not be seeing your activity of yours.

How to Block Account on Instagram

Simple process, yet important to know. As it is a social media platform, it is necessary to keep your privacy intact. Experiencing any abuse from a specific account, the Instagrammer can simply block it. Blocking is referred to as stopping the follower to make a comment on your post(s). No interaction happens.

To do so,

  1. Start the app.
  2. Go to the account you intend to block. 
  3. Tap the 3-vertical dot icon to view account options.
  4. There is an option/action – Block. Tap/press it.
  5. The account is listed in your Privacy Settings – Blocked Accounts list.
  6. Here you go! Got rid of unwanted comments from the contact.

How to Restrict Account on Instagram

Restricting an account on Instagram is referred to as less strict than blocking an account. The contact sends the comments and posts, but if the Instagrammer has restricted the contact, will not be shown on his/her wall. The opposite contact will not come to know and will not feel offended.

To restrict the account:

  1. Start the app.
  2. Go to the account you intend to restrict.
  3. Tap the 3-vertical dot icon to view account options.
  4. There is an option / action – Restrict. Tap/press it.
  5. The account is listed in your Privacy Settings – Restricted Accounts list.
Privacy option
Restricted accounts
  1. Here you go! The restriction on the account is implemented.


As Instagram’s user base is growing day by day, the features are being introduced as the scenarios they come across and making the users comfortable using the app.

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How to Center Instagram Bio?

Instagram is the most popular among all social media apps. Facebook users also have moved to Instagram for their daily social activities. Instagram followers and likes have become competitive for the account holders of Instagram. 

Each Instagrammer wants to be shown as a unique user to attract followers. The tricks can be like adding emojis to the Bio of the profile, doing text formatting in the Bio or posting some odd, or adding funny text for the bio. 

How to Center Instagram Bio?

When it comes to aligning text to the left, centre or staggered, Instagram does not provide any way to make the Bio text formatted. But, definitely with some hacks, this is possible. Writers, editors and marketing profile users of Instagram get this kind of idea of making the bio text formatted in their profile. 

Center Align Instagram Bio (App)

  1. Open Instagram app.
Open Instagram app on mobile
  1. From the bottom bar, tap the profile icon to go to your account.
select profile icon from bottom
  1. Tap Edit Profile to view the profile details.
select edit profile to view details
  1. Now there is a trick. 
  2. Go to the app browser window and search for articles where there are spaces shown.
from browser search for articles
  1. Long press to choose space between “|”. 
Long press space between PIPE |
  1. Choose the Copy option from the horizontal menu shown in the above image.
  2. Now, go to the Instagram App, where Biofield is located.
  3. Long press inside the field and choose Paste. The spaces will be pasted.
  4. Adjust the text to be posted so that it looks centre aligned.
  5.  Tap the tick icon to save and preview changes. 
select check icon to save the bio
  1. See the Bio text is shown based on the spaces pasted before the sentence.
  2. Repeat the above steps till it looks perfect centered.

There is no direct way of formatting bio text in Instagram. But, this way it can be achieved without much effort. Once you get it right, the text can be shown as staggered as well. Use the same technique by pasting the space characters accordingly. This is how you do this.

  1. Say your bio text is 3 liner as below.
Instagram Bio text centered
  1. To stagger this text, paste spaces one time prior to the first line.
  2. Then, paste spaces two times prior to the second line.
  3. Then, paste spaces three times prior to the third line.
  4. You text will look like this:
Instragram Bio text stagger


Instagrammers are the most active users and find different ways to stand out in the crowd of the virtual community. Showing the Bio text uniquely is one of the tricks that can attract other users to view this profile.

How to Unlike Old Post On Instagram?

Instagrammers are using the platform for sharing stories, photos and posts using #hashtags on their content. Some features are quick and easy to perform. 

How to Unlike Old Post On Instagram?

How to like, unlike, follow and unfollow the friends are the most used functionality. 

How to like the current post on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram app. A list of recent posts are shown.
  2. Below each post, tap the heart icon to like the post.
  3. The heart is filled with red colour. The post is liked.
  4. To unlike the same, again tap the heart icon. The post is unliked.

How to like the old post on Instagram:

  1. Open the app.
  2. From the bottom right corner profile icon, tap to go to the profile.
goto instagram profile
  1. At the bottom bar, a settings button is shown.
click gear at the bottom of the app
  1. Tap to view the list of settings available.
open the list of seetings
  1. Tap Account to view details about the account.
select account to view details
  1. Choose the Posts You’ve Liked option. The Likes page is shown will a list of posts that are liked in the past.
  2. Tap one for the old liked post. 
tap on old liked post
  1. The like with the heart icon filled with red is shown below the post.
  2. Tap to unlike. The old post is unliked.

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How to unfollow on Instagram:

  1. On the Instagram post, a three-dot vertical icon is shown.
  2. Tap the icon to view options related to the post.
  3. Tap Unfollow. The posts will be stopped from showing on your wall.

How to follow on Instagram:

  1. Go to the Instagram profile.
  2. The three options are shown.
    • Posts
    • Followers
    • Following
  3. Go to Followers. The follower requests shall be shown.
  4. Tap Follow next to the Instagram ID whom you wish to follow.
  5. The posts will be shown to the wall.

There are a number of features on Instagram. It’s just how to use it and you are pro using it efficiently.

How to Swipe photos on Instagram PC

Sometimes, pictures to view in any mobile app look smaller and you do not enjoy the pictures. Desktop PC or Laptop has a wider screen in which the pictures view is larger and one can enjoy viewing the pictures. Instagram has become so popular for picture posts only. The USP of app is to post pictures and if needed add small description or hashtags (#beautiful, #amazing) with the picture post. 

How to Swipe photos on Instagram PC

Instagrammers have started using desktop PC for using their account to view pictures on a larger screen. The same way we use Whatsapp Web. When the users have just started using the Web version of Instagram, they need to know how to swipe photos on the Desktop screen to be able to easily view all the pictures shared in one post.

How to Swipe on Instagram PC – [Swipe Photos]

  1. Go to
instagram login windows
  1. Press the Continue as [username] button to proceed with the Instagram account.
turn on notification on instagram on PC
  1. You shall see the pop up asking you to turn on notification if the contact you are following posts something. 
  2. You can decide Not Now to proceed further. The pop up goes away and you shall see the homepage of your Instagram account with the latest posts available.
instagram homepage on PC
  1. In the post which has multiple images, you shall see the right arrow icon in the right side centre.
  2. In addition to that, you shall see the dots at the bottom of the image. (The count of dots is equal to the number of images available. See the border highlighted in blue.)
scroll instagram photos by clicking dots below the photo
  1. Use the mouse to click the right arrow shown on the right side centre. You shall see the next image with the dot highlight moved to the second dot. The left arrow icon emerges once the second image is shown.
scroll instagram photos using left right arrow
  1. It is simple and quick.

How to Swipe on Instagram Laptop – [Swipe Photos]

  1. Go to
  2. Log into the account from which the photos are to be viewed.
  3. Locate the post for which you want to swipe photos.
  4. Put the middle 2 fingers on the trackpad and move a stroke from right to left.
  5. You shall see the next image with the dot highlight moved to the second dot. The left arrow icon emerges once the second image is shown.
  6. Once you are at the last dot and you want to see the previous image, move these two fingers from left to right. 
  7. Once, you are used to it, navigating between the images in Instagram posts is so easy and quick.
  8. You also enjoy the larger view of the pictures posted.


Using Instagram on the Web (PC or Laptop) is becoming popular but not used so frequently as the Instagram mobile app used. Once the users are comfortable, it gives an equal user experience on the Web also. Happy Instagramming!

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Anonymous Instagram story viewer

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity nowadays because of its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. Like other social media platforms, Instagram has also introduced the story feature in it. Instagram has taken over Facebook users and Facebook has taken over Instagram to protect its users 🙂

Anonymous Instagram story viewer

Instagram story is the core feature that is used most frequently by business users as well as individuals. Sharing stories with followers is interesting. People share content in the form of pictures or videos. To get the context of the story, it is necessary to view the story. I get tempted to view the story of an anonymous user when curiosity reaches beyond the boundary. 

After sharing the story, you can add your story to your favourite highlight. It is a new feature in instagram. Instagram story highlights, also known as permanent stories, do not expire and appear as circles below the profile pictures and biography. After adding stories to your highlights, you can also check who viewed your Instagram highlights.

Instagram does not allow users like me to view anonymous stories. At times, it becomes necessary to view. There are external apps and websites that help you to view stories for anonymous users.

Instagram story viewers (Web)

These are some of the selected websites to view Instagram stories using your existing browser.  The list of applications/websites to view Instagram stories anonymously is listed below.

Anonymous Instagram Viewer

Anonymous Instagram Viewer would allow you to watch the stories anonymously of any person that you want to stalk and obviously if you do not want that person to know whether or not you watched their story.

This tool is compatible with all devices be it a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. This free online tool displays the names and profiles of everyone who visits your account as well as those who follow you. 

  1. Go to
  1. Enter the username of anonymous whose story you want to view.
  2. Click the download icon.
  3. Download will start automatically.
  4. You can also watch Instagram stories anonymously by following the same steps.


Instastories grant you permission to view Instagram stories anonymously. Logging in is not required in instastories.

  1. Go to
image 1
  1. Enter the username of anonymous whose story you want to view.
  2. Click the Search icon.
image 27
  1. The result shall appear based on the profile name.
image 28
  1. If this user account is Private, InstaStories will not be able to show the published stories of anonymous user(s).

Stories Down

Another application to hide your identity while watching a post or a story. A perfect online tool to watch stories mysteriously.

  1. Go to
image 29
  1. Enter the Insta ID of the user whose story to be watched.
  2. Click the Search button to view results.
image 30
  1. The stories of the past 24 hours are only visible to you. Past stories are not available.


Dumpor is one of the best platforms to view any content on Instagram.

In dumpor, there are various advantages that other online story viewer platforms don’t have such as you can download or watch highlights, post, reel unknowingly. It has a simple interface, so it is easy to use.

  1. Go to
image 31
  1. Enter the Insta username in the pop up that is shown.
  2. Click the Search button.
image 32
  1. Click the Show {username} Stories button.
  2. The stories posted by the user shall be displayed on the screen.
  3. Here you go! Anonymous stories are being viewed.

Instagram story viewers (App)

Story viewers are available in the form of apps. The below apps can be downloaded as Instagram story viewers. These apps work exactly the same as the Websites we saw above.


Blindstory lets you watch Instagram stories without informing the user. It allows you to download anonymous stories. It also sends push notifications if any new story is published by an anonymous user. The only condition to achieve all these is that Anonymous users should have a Public account.

  1. Download the app.
  2. There is a search icon to search by username.
  3. Enter the username. You shall see the list of usernames as a part of search results.
  4. Pick the user whose stories you would like to view.
image 33
  1. The stories can be played on the click of the user icon.

Story Saver

The Story Saver app is extremely useful yet simple to use. 

  1. Just find a person or an account then enter their username.
  2. Select the story that they’ve uploaded and then just download it.
  3. All of their content is at your fingertips and you can still remain undiscovered.
image 2


Storized is one of the story viewers that allows you to look at people’s IG stories without knowing. The storized is only available on the app store so we can access this app on iPhone and iPad only.

  1. Download the app from the app store.
  2. Enter the username on the top search bar that is shown.
image 3
  1. Click the user whose content you would like to see.
image 4
  1. Enjoy the show. 


Instagram does not provide an option to view anonymous stories. Other websites and apps have taken the idea to sell their product by giving this feature and becoming popular. This is how the products are built and sold in the market. Instagram has opened the door for other apps to chip in and give the users facility of story viewers.

How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

One of the most popular elements of Instagram is Instagram Live. To give the customer an ultimate user experience, one can hide chat on Instagram Live. As it is a multi-purpose social media platform, the user experience plays a key role for competing with other social media apps.

Instagram Live allows a person to interact with their followers in real-time. Instagram Live has been used by many brands, celebrities, and influencers to promote brands, events, paid collaborations, and much more. Instagram live, especially in these testing times of an ongoing pandemic has proven to be a boon in terms of promotional purposes and to sustain the image of brands. For instance, exciting collaborations can be planned from the comfort of the creator’s home. Instagram live has evidently been the cost-effective marketing strategy. 

Instagram is coming up with a lot of new features and tools to keep up with the new trends and requests of their users. As we know that Instagram covers a majority of the young or the so-called “generation z”  as users. New features are being introduced with each update.

While streaming on Instagram live, it is not possible to neglect the constant chats popping up. If they are close friends or colleagues with words of encouragement then, it makes us feel good, but not all people we have on our page are known to us especially if one is a holder of a public account. There are some mean and hurtful comments that can show up and as the stream is live it can disrupt the purpose of the stream or even distract the person streaming. 

Here are a few steps that let users disable the chat on Instagram live. An advantage of these settings is that the user can switch between enabling and disabling the chat setting while they are live streaming.

How to hide chat on Instagram live?

  1. Going to the Your story icon.
Your Story
  1. Sliding the options available at the middle bottom panel of the screen to Live option.
Instagram Live
  1. Then, tap the big circle with the live icon, to start.
  2. As one starts the live stream, they need to immediately tap on the 3 dots that can be located at the right hand side of the comment box.
Comment Setting
  1. After tapping on the 3 dots option, a box will appear and under that one has to select the Turn off Commenting option from the four available options.
Turn off Commenting

Hide chat on Instagram live on Chrome?

It is important to keep in mind that using the chrome extension to hide comments is not possible in iOS or even Android devices. It can only be effective for the desktop version.

Firstly, the user’s desktops need to have the Chrome Web Browser pre-installed to move further.

Once the chrome web browser is launched:

  1. Start off by adding “IG Stories” for Instagrams chrome extension.
  2. Launch the Instagram website on the desktop and sign in with the account. In case one is already logged in, they can simply refresh their page.
  3. They will be able to view all the live videos that are currently being streamed in real time. So when the user will click on one of those streams, on tapping, they will be redirected to a new  tab.
Chrome Live
  1. The new tab which opens which has the live stream going on. This tab will allow the user to hide comments. This option is located at the top right corner. On selecting this option, all comments and emojis will disappear.
Hide Comment
  1. If the user wants to enable the comments after disabling they can:
    • Tap the “Show comments” option on the right hand corner of the screen.
Show Comment

This extension allows the user to view the live stream with audio as well as video simultaneously.

Instagram Live stream typically lasts for 60 minutes. One can start the live show again after the first 60 minutes. If the user wishes, he or she can save the Instagram live video for followers who might have missed it. 

The user can not only hide the comment section but also they can kick people out of the live stream if needed by going to the “Manage Your Live Broadcast” option. 

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