6 Best Software for HEIC to PDF Converter

Detailed here is a selection of the top free HEIC to PDF converter software available for Windows. HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Format) impressions are stored in a compartment called a HEIC.

HEIC to PDF converter

It is a moderately new picture configuration, and it is primarily utilized by Apple on their equipment, such as the iPhone. If users want to transform a HEIC picture into a PDF file, you’ll be required to utilize one of the HEIC to PDF converter programs.

You can also batch convert HEIC photos to PDF with relative simplicity using some of these software programs. 

Gimp – Open Source

It is possible to modify HEIC files to PDF by utilizing GIMP, which is an unrestricted and open-source picture revising program that can be downloaded on the internet.

It is agreeable with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You may easily introduce and examine HEIC images in it, after which you can transform HEIC to PDF utilizing a specialized tool in the application.

It is primarily an editing software, and as such, it contains a large quantity of picture editing methods such as Layers, the Color Palette, the Paint Tools, the Image Filters, the Crop, the Scale, and the Merge tools, among other features.

Aside from that, this software favors a broad variety of picture types and enables users to transform photographs from one configuration to another. Some of the prominent image formats that it supports include GIF, PNG, JP2, ICO, HEIC, WMF, and others. GIF, PNG, JP2, ICO, HEIC, WMF, and others.

Additional Benefits 

  • Using the Swap Color command, you may easily change the color of the foreground and background of a photograph.
  • It is possible to vivify because it enables users to create layer-based vitalities, which require the usage of numerous coatings to demonstrate action. 
  • The skill to enhance extra plugins to this software authorizes users to extend the functionality of the software.
gimp open source

Pixillion – Windows/Mac

For Windows and macOS, Pixillion is yet another free HEIC to PDF converter that may be downloaded. It also functions as an affectionate image converter, allowing users to do format transformations between pictures in a diversity of layouts such as PNG, SVG, TGA, TIF, ICO, RAW, EMF, HEIC, and others.

The capacity to execute batch picture transformation is the primary benefit of this software. You can also make specific alterations to the intake photographs before commencing the transformation, such as scaling the picture, flipping the portrait, diverting the picture, adding a watermark to an idea, and so on.

Additional Benefits

There are no additional Benefits for Pixillion 

Pixillion - Windows/Mac

Regards Viewer – Cross-Platform

Regards Viewer is another free HEIC to PDF converter that is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. Through the use of this software, users may quickly and totally read and transform HEIC pictures to PDF and other prominent picture layouts such as PNG, JPEG, ICO, HEIC, BMP, and others.

Users can also make modifications to photographs utilizing picture manipulation equipment such as flipping, rotating, and assigning image effects.

Additional Benefits 

  • It procures the proficiency to modify the default geotag data associated with a picture.
  • Through the use of this tool, you can rapidly sort all of the photographs that contain people.
Regards Viewer - Cross-Platform for Windows Mac Linux

ImageMagick – For Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS

For Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS, ImageMagick is the unrestricted HEIC to PDF converter program that will be disclosed in the near future. Prior to instigating the modification, users can formulate specific alterations to the HEIC pictures that are being used as intake using this software.

Images can be modified using a variety of transform tools, including flipping and rotating images as well as cutting off ends and shearing and rolling pictures, among other things. 

Aside from that, it may be used to examine images in a variety of layouts, as it favors more than 200 distinct image layouts. This software benefits a large extent of picture layouts, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, HEIC, TIFF, DPX, EXR, WebP, and SVG, to name a few.

Another benefit of this software is that it includes a multi-window interface, which opens or closes and edits numerous photos at the same time.

Additional Benefits 

  • Image sizes such as half-size, double-size, original size, and so on are accessible for viewing on this website.
  • A picture can be manually scaled and resized by operating the Resize tool.
  • You may utilize it to undo all of the revisions you’ve brought in to a picture by clicking on the Undo button.
ImageMagick - For Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS

Windows Photo Viewer (Windows Inbuilt App)

Windows Photo Viewer is a picture perceiving application that appears pre-installed with Windows 10. Aside from being a spectator, this software can also function as a HEIC to PDF converter.

To use the CopyTrans HEIC for Windows codec, you must first install it on your computer. The.heic format is automatically associated with the Windows Photo Viewer when using this codec. In addition to HEIC, it favors the viewing of pictures in an assortment of layouts (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO, and so on).

Additional Benefits 

  • It enables users to solely burn or transport pictures to a CD or DVD drive without the necessity for extra software.
  • Sending a picture via email is possible because of the attachment characteristic.
Windows Photo Viewer (Windows Inbuilt App)

Converseen – Crossplatform

Converseen is another free HEIC to PDF converter software that is available for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD users to use. This software authorized users to process several photos at a similar duration in a batch mode.

In addition, users can utilize this software to conduct a variety of activities such as picture rotation, file layout translation, batch picture resizing, and so on using its interface.

This software’s proficiency to endorse a wide range of image layouts, including PNG, JPEG, PPM/PNM/WEBP/JPEJ/EPS/AI/PSD, and others, is a significant advantage over the competition.

In addition to this, an Action Panel is included, which authorizes users to manually alter the picture resolution and exposure using the discretions on the panel.

Additional Benefits 

Converseen - Crossplatform