How to Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets are one of the most loved products of Google. The user can just work on sheets with so ease and comfort.

Working online without any worry of changes being saved or not, other team member’s changes are reflected or not and so on. All of these are being taken care of in Google Sheets.

Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets

Google Sheets also provides better formatting features in terms of showing data the user is working on. Many times, the user does not want to show the gridlines which is the default view of Google Sheets.

But it can be quickly changed if the print of the datasheet needs to be taken without gridlines.

Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets

  1. Go the 
  2. Assuming the user is already logged into Google account, it will show the drive details.
  3. Open the sheet by searching in the drive or create a new sheet.
  4. Click the New capsule icon from the top side left.
  5. Pick Google Sheets → Blank spreadsheet. A new sheet appears.
  6. Prepare the data in the sheet as required.
select the cells in Google sheets
  1. Click the View menu. A list of options shall be shown.
Select view from menu and uncheck gridlines
  1. There is a tick mark for Gridlines. 
  2. Click to remove the tick mark. The data shall be shown without gridlines.
Gridlines are hidden in Google Sheets
  1. Simple to hide gridlines in Google Sheets.

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The beauty of Google Sheets is the user does not have to go to 4 levels of menu options to get the desired functionality. All features are upfront available without disturbing the user interface and its simplicity.