How to Delete All Chrome Bookmarks?

Since its inception on 2nd September 2008, Google Chrome made its way to the top beating its competitors Firefox and Explorer. As of 2020, Chrome has 2.65 billion users. Not surprisingly, its features are comfortable in many ways. One of the user-friendly features of Chrome is Bookmarking.

How to Delete All Chrome Bookmarks?

What is a Bookmark on Chrome?

A bookmark on Chrome is a shortcut to your favourite web page. Any page that you like to read or would want to revisit in the future, you can save as a bookmark. At the end of the page URL, you find a Star mark. Just click, it and voila, you have just bookmarked the corresponding web page.

How many bookmarks can you make on Chrome?

Theoretically, there is no limit on the number of bookmarks you can make on Chrome. This is a comfortable feature to save our favourite pages and revisit them later. However, beyond a certain limit, the bookmarks tend to be messy. We feel like deleting them all and starting from scratch.

Note: Deletion of bookmark on Chrome is an irreversible process. Chrome does not alert you when you choose to delete the bookmark. Thus, you should be careful when you are deleting bookmarks on Chrome.

Here are some ways to delete bookmarks on Chrome:

Deleting bookmarks on Chrome one by one 

This technique works when you wish to delete selected bookmarks one by one after inspecting their use and relevance. To delete a bookmark on Chrome, do this:

Click the three-dotted menu icon on the top right corner of Chrome. Choose Bookmarks. You can see all your bookmarks listed here. Right-click on the bookmark you wish to delete. Click Delete from the options visible.

Click dots >> select bookbark >> Bookmark manager >> right-click on bookmark url and select delete

The bookmark is gone!

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Deleting bookmark on Chrome using Bookmark Manager

Chrome saves all your bookmarks in a folder called Bookmark Manager. You can access all your bookmarks here along with the bookmark folders if any. 

If you are sure that you want to delete all bookmarks at once, use this technique.

Open the Bookmark manager. You can find the folders and individual bookmarks. Select All bookmarks using Ctrl+A. You can see that all bookmarks are selected.

Open Bookmark manager

Now Click Delete on the top right corner.

select bookmark and click delete

All bookmarks are deleted.

Deleting bookmark on Chrome on mobile

Deleting bookmarks on the Chrome app is the same as deleting on the web version. 

Open the Chrome app. Tap the dotted icon on the top right of the Chrome browser. Click Bookmarks.

Delete bookmark from browser bar

You can see folders of bookmarks. Choose the folder as per your need.

hide bookmark from browser bar or mobile bookmarks

The individual bookmarks are listed now. Click on the three-dot icon of the bookmark you wish to delete. Click Delete. 

Boom! The bookmark is gone!