How to Insert Image Caption in Google Docs? [Multiple Methods]

Google Docs is probably the most preferred document-sharing tool. It allows seamless collaboration and sharing of content without any need to spend extra bucks. However, it lacks some features which if would have been inbuilt by the makers would have imparted more power to the editor. 

If you are a regular user of Google Docs, you would know that Google Docs lacks the feature of inserting captions to images and tables. However, there are some ways in which you can insert a caption in Google Docs.

How to Insert Caption in Google Docs

You can insert a caption in Google Docs using the following methods:

  1. Using Table Method
  2. Using Inline Feature
  3. Using Text Box Feature
  4. Using Caption Maker Add-on

Insert image caption in Google Docs: Using Table Method

In your Google Doc, insert a table from the Insert option.

insert table in google doc

In one row, drag and drop the image you would want to add in Doc and caption it.

insert picture in in table

In the second row, type the caption of the image. Bold and centre it if you wish so.

Add caption to the picture

Now, click on the table border. Change the table border colour to blend with the background colour. Repeat for all sides.

select  font color for caption

After all rows and sides are done, you are left with the image and the caption!!

caption is added to the inserted photo

Does it feel like a time-taking method? Let’s look at a simpler method now.

Insert image caption in Google Docs: Using Inline Feature

Copy and paste the image into the doc. Double click it and you will find the option below the image – Inline. Click it.

add picture to the doc as inline

As soon as you click Inline, you can see the cursor positioned in the centre of the image allowing you to caption easily. Type your caption and save the doc.

Add caption to the photo

This method is an easy way to add caption on Doc; however, sometimes while saving the doc, you may have to ensure that the inline feature is applied and it is staying still as you formatted it.

Insert image caption in Google Docs: Using Text Box Feature

Google Docs has a feature called Text Box in its Drawing option in the Insert Menu.

Add drawing to the doc

Place the cursor below the image. Now, Click Insert. Choose Drawing. Choose New and then click on Text Box.

create text box in the drawing area

A text box appears wherein you can type the desired text as a caption. Type the caption and Save and Close the box.

write your caption in text area

You can find that the text in the box appears below the image. Adjust is as per the desired look and feel.

adjust the alignment of caption

Insert image caption in Google Docs: Using Caption Maker Add-on

Add-ons are one great feature of Docs. You can add desired functionality that you feel is missing from Doc. In the same lines, you can choose a Caption Maker add-on and create a caption for Google Doc images. Let’s see how.

Go to Add-ons on the main menu of Doc. Choose Get add-ons.

click Get add-ons from menu

You will see a window where you can download Add-ons. Search for Caption Maker and install it.

select caption maker add on

Then, Caption Maker is installed in the Doc Add-ons.

install the caption maker in google doc

You can find it in the Add-ons menu. Click it. The Add-on will start getting ready for inserting captions.

insert picture in google doc

The features of Caption Maker will present themselves on the right-hand side.

select option from caption maker

Click Show Options.

select above or below and add the caption

You can see the options as shown here. One benefit of Caption Maker is you can also add a caption to tables. And the process remains the same. In the example here, we are adding a caption for images only.

In the New box, enter the caption for the image. You can also customize your caption’s colour, size, and formatting.

select the font size for caption

Once you have done the captioning and formatting, click Caption. You can see a message saying the tool has added captions.

click done to complete the insertion

Yay!! Captioning is done.

Beautiful caption is added in Google doc

This process may seem to be longer, but when you have many images and tables in your doc, you can caption them with ease.

Thus, these are the methods to add a caption in Google Docs. You can choose one based on your need and time.

So, which one are you picking? Let us know in the comments.

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