How To Uninstall Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games for multiplayer gamers and is fond of shooting. There are times when gamers move away from the existing ones and try out new ones for exploration. For releasing the disk space or unliking the game or could be for any reason, they want to uninstall Apex Legends.

Uninstall Apex Legends

Here are ways to uninstall the Apex Legends from the PC.

Way 1: Using System’s Control Panel

  1. From the desktop, go to the search bar. 
  2. Enter the keyword – Control Panel.
Control Panel
Windows Search Bar
  1. You shall see the Control Panel highlighted in the search results. Pick that by clicking it.
  2. Pick the Programs and Features item.
Programs and features
Control Panel
  1. The list of programs installed in the systems shall be shown.
  2. Locate the Apex Legends from the list. Pick it.
  1. Initiate the uninstall process by clicking Uninstall/Change.
  2. Once it is uninstalled, it will be removed from this list.

Way 2: Using the third-party Uninstaller

IOBit is a tool that helps the user systematically uninstall any software installed in the system and clean the Windows registry as well. It is a free tool.

  1. Install IObit. A shortcut icon on the desktop is created.
  2. Open the tool by double-clicking the shortcut icon. 
IoBit Unisntaller
Iobit Unistaller
  1. From the left menu pane, the All Programs menu to be clicked.
  2. Tick the checkbox – Apex Legends.
  3. The Uninstall icon is enabled. 
  4. Start uninstallation by clicking the Uninstall button on the top right side.
  5. The game is successfully uninstalled.

Way 3: Using Origin

An origin is a tool that manages the game library. The client allows the gamers to efficiently manage the games.

  1. Open the Origin tool and access using the account credentials.
  2. The My Game Library is something the user should explore.
  1. On the right side, you shall see a list of game boxes.
  2. Open the right context menu by right-clicking the Apex Legends box.
  3. From the context menu, pick Uninstall.
  4. A pop-up shall come up asking for the user’s confirmation.
  5. Confirm and proceed. The game is uninstalled successfully.

All good!

Way 4: Using Windows Registry

This is not recommended if the user is not well versed in managing the risk of losing the data.

  1. Open the Registry Editor by typing the ”Regedit” keyword in the search bar located at the bottom of the desktop.
  2. Locate the below path by navigating to the folders.
Registry path
  1. Pick the UninstallString file. Open it by clicking.
  2. Enter the path in the Value field as shown below.
  1. Choose OK.
  2. You shall see the Apex Legends game uninstalled.

There are other third-party uninstallers such as Revo, CCleaner, and so on. These tools are used to systematically uninstall the software installed in the system.

FAQs on Apex Legends

On which devices, Apex Legends can be played?

Xbox One, PS4 and Origin are the platforms supported.

Is cross-play supported in the game?

Yes, cross-play is supported.

How to enable cross-play?

The cross-play mode is enabled by default in the game. In the Xbox One, you may go to System Settings and enable it manually.

What is Legend Tokens?

The player gains a level up (the max player level), and the legend tokens are earned.

I need to know about Apex Coins.

The gamer can make in-game Apex Packs purchases using virtual game currency.


Players can switch between games to find their interests. Uninstalling the game is one of the most used activities by the players to manage the space and explore new games. We all know that curiosity of players is at a different level only. But still, they can manage the system space by uninstalling the one which they are done playing and enjoying.

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