How to Change Your Age on TikTok?

Changing age on TikTok is not a straightforward task, even when you have full access to your profile. The solution to this is tricky and you need to follow the steps described in the following sections.

Change Your Age on TikTok?
  1. After starting the app, you have to go to your profile section.
TikTok profil
  1. On the top right corner of the profile section, locate the three dots and tap on them.
tiktok right corner
  1. Next, you will have to scroll down and find the “support” division on the screen.
  2. Pick the “Report a Problem” option under the support division.
  1. After doing the above, Tik Tok gives you a chance to verify your age using any ID that is acceptable to its policy. A passport or a government ID is a preferable choice.

NOTE: TikTok app has gone viral recently with its video clip offerings by its customers. TikTok is very serious when it comes to the age of its users. It only allows children above 13 years of age to sign up for an account and aged 18 years of age to send gifts to their favorite creators as a symbol of being a supporter.

It is also important to note that if a user signs up for an account with the help of an escape hatch then very soon TikTok will delete that particular account. These rules are put in place due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Sometimes it so happens that one might make an error while entering their birth date in the process of signup, such a screw-up is difficult to reverse.

Apart from the birth date, users can change the information that has been provided at the time of the creation of the account. Updating videos, profile pictures, username, app language, and adding or deleting accounts. 

How to update the profile on TikTok

To update your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app from the home screen.
  1. Tap the Me icon on the bottom right corner. 
  1. Locate the “Edit Profile” option under the Profile section.
Edit Profile
  1. After tapping on it, you can change various details about your profile like Editing profile picture, username, bio, and linked accounts.
Profile Update

TikTok Prerequisites

TikTok in the recent past has been the victim of a lot of lawsuits due to its young users which have as a result made them take up some regulatory rules for its young users. According to the app policy, users below 13 years are not allowed to sign up and if they do, their account will be soon deleted.

If a user’s account was deleted on the grounds of age then they will receive an email regarding it with the videos uploaded by the user. If an error occurs while downloading the videos one can opt for a Chrome extension. It is highly unclear if accounts that were deleted due to age restrictions will be revived once the former account holder reaches the age of 13. Usually, accounts are permanently deleted after 30 days of deactivation. 

How to use TikTok

First-time users need to follow the steps below to get onto TikTok.

  1. From the play store or app store (depending on your device), get the TikTok app.
Tik Tok
  1. Tap the icon highlighted with a green border.
  2. The app opens up in camera mode with the bottom bar with icons.
  3. Tap Me. Redirect to Signup.
  1. Tap Sign up. The next redirection is to the selection of channel via which you want to register.
  1. Opt for signing up for an account.
  2. Tap the “Phone or Email” option. (First option from the top).
  3. Make a selection for the DOB.
Set age on tiktok
  1. Next. Redirect to the phone number, and email page.
Signup via phone
  1. Enter your phone number and Send the code. You will receive the code. Enter it and proceed.
    • To signup with an email ID, choose Email.
singup via email
  • Go with email ID and Next.
  • Slide with the right arrow to place the puzzle card.
  • Move more towards the right to place exactly on the right side card placeholder.
tiktok verify
  • Verification complete. Redirect to create username and password.
  1. Generate the password of TikTok. Go Next.
create password
  1. Enter the preferred login name.
create username
  1. Tap the button. Redirect to the next page.
  1. Yo! You are onto TikTok now.

TikTok is a platform for more than a billion people.  Users come across unending videos midst which they might find content that is unpleasant, upsetting, at times even abusive, or hurt personal sentiments.  One of the reasons why age restrictions are imposed is due to the vulnerability of young children which makes them highly prone to bullying, abuse, trolling, or even make them addicted to shares and likes. The  Limit imposed for users not to be under 13 years is not the best solution but it does protect them to a certain extent. Young children have at times been lured by predators. Predators use the hunger for likes or popularity to get in the heads of young creators which intern leads to more awful things.

account banned

Display of unpleasant, underage, sensitive, racist, or insulting content is against the community guidelines of TikTok. One can report such content or accounts. The identity of the reporter is kept anonymous.

How to report content on TikTok

It is also possible to report specific videos, comments, and chats on TikTok. TikTok is not all bad, it has a good and productive side to it as well. In order to report an account or specific contents one can do the following:

  1. Identify and locate the profile of the user you want to report.
tiktok profile
  1. Next to their profile, make use of the 3 dots option to get more options.
  1. A box will pop up, in the box locate the “Report” option and tap on it.
allow notification
  1. Choose the “Report Account” option.
  1. Now on the screen, there will appear many options as to why you would like to report the account.
Report options
  1. Select the appropriate reason and submit.
  2. On submission, the app will investigate the issue raised. If the accusations are verified to be true the account will be terminated.

If you couldn’t able to follow the article, I have attached the Youtube video that shows the steps.

TikTok Popularity

Recently, many creators of Tiktok are enjoying the benefits of brand collaborations and sponsorship due to their creative content. Many brands hunt for creators on Tiktok to promote their brand giving an excellent opportunity for users with limited finance to sponsor their own content and a step towards popularity.

TikTok is essentially a Chinese app that helps users share short videos online. These videos or rather TikTok provides a platform for young creators and social media influencers by showcasing the creative content produced by its users. Recently, as we know, a few countries have imposed an outright ban on TikTok to protect the security and privacy of user data. Countries like India, the USA, and Pakistan have done so whereas countries like Japan, Australia, and others haven’t banned TikTok due to investigative concerns. 

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