How to Stop Discord From Automatically Opening?

Gaming community is expanding day by day. Networking is the key to any community. Players use different applications to chat via audio or text messaging. Discord is one of the applications used by most of the players for messaging purposes.

During the time of installation (Discord), there are chances that the user had followed on screen instructions and forgotten to deselect the option to start the application on startup. The applications that open up with the Windows startup make the computer slow unnecessarily. To avoid performance issues, the user can stop the Discord application from automatically opening.

How to stop Discord from startup – Using Discord settings

  1. Start Discord application from the desktop.
start discord desktop application
  1. At the bottom left, there is an icon of User Settings. Click it.
  2. A list of settings shall be displayed.
from my account go to discord settings
  1. Click Windows Settings. On the right side, see the first option.
from discord nitro go to windows settings
  1. Switch off the setting – Open Discord.
switch off open discord from windows settings
  1. Close the application. 
  2. Restart the machine. You will see the application did not open at startup.

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How to stop Discord from startup – Using Task Manager

  1. Open Windows Task Manager by using the search icon.
open task manager
  1. Click More details. The task manager view is expanded.
see more applications by clicking more details
  1. Go to the Startup tab. You shall see the Discord application is enabled.
search for discord and right click on it
  1. Right-click on the row. A context menu shall appear.
select disable from the dropdown
  1. Choose Disable. 
  2. You are done. Now, Discord will not open automatically at the startup.