How to Open Clipboard on Windows?

The process of cutting or copying content in the form of an image or text and pasting in temporary memory in Windows is referred to as a clipboard. In Windows, there are different ways to open a clipboard.

How to Open Clipboard on Windows?

How to Open Clipboard on Windows 7 / Windows 8

Windows 7 does not provide the clipbrd.exe by default. Still, the user can open the clipboard using the following steps.

  1. Download clipboard view from the Internet.
Download clipboard viewer
  1. Once downloaded, a pop up appears asking the user to open the file. 
  2. Click Open File. The clipboard window shall appear.
open file in clipboard viewer
  1. Open a Word doc. Type text in the Word Document.
open MS word and type text
  1. Copy the text by pressing CTRL+C. You shall see the same text in the clipboard window.
select text and press ctrl+c
  1. The same steps can be followed for image or music file format.

How to Open Clipboard on Windows 10

  1. Open desktop. 
  2. Choose settings. Pick System.
from settings go to system
  1. Choose Clipboard from the list of system settings that appears on the left.
select clipboard from the list
  1. Here are the clipboard settings shown.
on clickboard history and sync across devices
  1. Press the Windows key + V. The clipboard window on the right corner is shown.
window key + V is the shortcut for clipboard window
  1. Choose the box and the text will be copied in the document or notepad file as desired.

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