Mod Organizer 2 vs Vortex Mod Manager?

For the gamers, this is an interesting topic to debate on. There are several factors considered before making any comments on which mod manager is better.

Mostly, each gamer who is an advanced-level player might have gone through all the experiences using different mods in the games they play. Not only that, but also they know the technicalities of each mod they use in the game(s) they choose to play and how it works. 

Mod Organizer 2 vs Vortex mod manager

Based on the practical experiences of players using different mods, here are the comparison and scenarios in which they find it better and why they found it better.

New Users and Advanced Users

For users who have just started modding, the vote goes to Vortex. The reason is easy to install and uninstall. Using MO2 is quite complicated doing setups and there are chances the game is broken and the user doesn’t know how to fix them. Vortex is less complicated in using mods.

The users who are masters in modding and they are using a variety of mods in different games know how to use MO2 (Mod Organizer 2) and do it correctly without breaking the game setup.

Which Mod is to be used

Another consideration is which mod the user is trying to install and use in the game. For the Bijin Warmaidens mod, it doesn’t work in Vortex. The experience by the users is the priority rule of using mods does not work well with Vortex.

If both the mods that need to be installed contain the files of the same size and the name, Vortex does not correctly install it and leaves these files while set up. MO2 does this job correctly.

Installation and Uninstallations of Mods

Vortex and MO2 both work similarly using the virtual filesystem while installing mods. In Vortex, the user needs to install/uninstall mod(s) individually whereas MO2 manages the priority list very well for installations and uninstallations.

In MO2, a single tick/untick starts the installation or uninstallation of the mod. While installation, it asks or prompts the user in case of conflicting files and which one to override and which one to skip to avoid issues. In Vortex, the overriding conflict exists.

Learning Curve

If the player is in the gaming for so long and is a daily player of the game, MO2 is the better option to choose for using the mods. Investing time in learning MO2 is fruitful when you are a long-term player and keep trying out games and use many mods while playing. MO2 is complex in setting up, but once understood, modding becomes a talent for gamers.


Vortex is designed in such a way that provides an easy-to-use interface without complexity. It works with multiple games as well. Its built-in LOOT provides the user with improved functionality use. It wins for simplicity over flexibility.


MO2 provides flexibility in customizing setups to get the best use of modding. Customization is too complex to understand. MO2 setup and customization keep the Skyrim installation as is and on the top of it, the user can switch the mods quickly and without pain. MO2 works very well with Bethesda games.


Here, the debate has no clear conclusion on which one is better. There are considerations such as the type of user using it, the frequency of using mods, preferences of simplicity over flexibility, and investing time to learn vs. quickly getting things done. Before making a choice, evaluate these and get the tool to use mods. Happy modding!

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