How to Remove Shortcuts from Google Chrome Homepage

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular and favourite Web browser provides endless features for Web surfing. Most importantly, the user can log in with the google account in chrome and surf the Internet as part of their daily activity.

Google Chrome creates website shortcuts automatically on the homepage and shows up. No manual efforts.

Remove Shortcuts From Google Chrome Homepage

Website shortcuts are sometimes annoying when the screen needs to be shared with a group of people and you need to keep the browser open.

Many times, you do not want to show the shortcuts that are being created while surfing. But, there is a way to get rid of website shortcuts. 

How to Remove Shortcuts From Google Chrome Homepage

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.

Open Chrome browser

Step 2: At the bottom right, you see the edit icon. 

Click pencil to edit the icon

Step 3: Click the icon. The pop up shall open as below.

Click popup icons to edit

Step 4: From the left, the second item called Shortcuts, needs to be selected.

select shortcut from left menu

Step 5: Switch on the Hide shortcuts option available on the pop up above.

click hide shortcut  to hide icons

Step 6: Click Done. The shortcuts are removed from the homepage.

Clean screen

Step 7: The homepage is clean.


Removing shortcuts is easy to remove and get back with a simple to use interface. This is the beauty of any Google app we use. In fraction of seconds, the feature can be enabled or disabled. Keep googling!

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