How to Delete IMVU account?

IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is an online app and app portal where social networking runs on Avatar. A 3D image of your profile along with animation is smooth in IMVU. One can find chat rooms, shopping, discussions, and so on. It is just similar to any other social media platform. The only difference is the Virtual 3D universe is additionally available. 

How to Delete IMVU account

NOTE: There is no Web version of this platform. Though you can register via the web. Once you create the account successfully, it will ask you to install a desktop app or mobile app.

A need for deleting an IMVU account arises when you find it unwanted. A user overloaded with apps needs to make a choice between retaining the apps or removing the apps.

How to Delete IMVU Account from URL?

  1. Visit the webpage.
imvu dashboard
  1. Type the password of the IMVU account in the Account password box. 
  2. Press Continue. You shall see the delete success window.
Delete account
  1. You shall receive a confirmation email in the Inbox.

How to Uninstall IMVU App

  1. Post account deletion, the app is no longer for use.
  2. Long press the IMVU app icon. You shall see the app info box.
app info
  1. Tap the app info box. You shall be redirected to the app settings page.
Application info
  1. Tap UNINSTALL. The pop-up shall appear.
uninstall imvu application
  1. To confirm uninstallation, tap OK.
  2. The app is removed from the homepage of your device. 
  3. You are done!


IMVU’s 3D concept was a game-changer for other social networking apps. Somehow, it didn’t get the popularity and the customer base as expected. The animated user interface caught the customers’ attention. Exploring apps nowadays is a piece of cake and if you dislike it, just delete the account and your presence is unavailable from that time onwards! It is that simple.

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