How to Disable Cookies in Chrome?

Cookies are small pieces of information that websites store on every user’s browser. They provide ease of browsing along with letting users find relevant and localized content. Sometimes, cookies might be annoying, and you may want to disable them.

How to Disable Cookies in Chrome

For all those, who want to disable cookies for privacy purposes, here are the ways how to do it.

Disable Cookies in Chrome – Web

Select the three-dot icon on the right top side of Chrome. Click Settings.

select settings from from side menu

Scroll down and choose Cookies and Other Site Data. You can see that by default, Cookies are enabled. Click it.

select cookies and other site data

You can find the options for dealing with cookies. According to your preferences, you might fully block all third-party cookies. Or you can block all cookies.

select block third party cookies

Choose one according to your preference. Before selecting the option, understand the information given below each option to disable cookies and then make your choice.

save the settings after selecting block third-party cookies

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Disable Cookies in Chrome – App

Open Chrome browser on your mobile. Tap the three-dotted menu on the right-hand top. Scroll down and click Settings.

select settings from chrome app menu

Scroll down and choose Site Settings.

select site settings from settings option

You can find Cookies (by default enabled.)

select cookies from site settings option

Click it. You can see the list of options similar to that in the web version of Chrome.

select block third-party cookies

According to your preference, click Block third-party cookies or Block all cookies.

Disabling cookies may interfere with your regular browsing experience. You may have to log in again and again, and many functionalities might not work as intended.