How to Fix Not Registered on Network Error on Android?

Not registered on Network” can be an annoying error that pops up for Android users. The exact reason for this error is not known. However, there are some techniques to fix not registered network errors. We are sure that based on the model of the phone and the cause of the error, one or more of these below techniques will help you fix this error.

How to Fix Not Registered on Network on Android

Update the software

Often date software might be one of the reasons for unknown errors popping up. Thus, when you are unsure of the cause of the error, the first and the simplest thing that you can do is to update the software.

To update the software, go to your phone Settings. Depending on the model of the phone, Software Update shall be visible as you scroll among the settings. Choose Update Software and then let your Android update. For better functionality, restart the phone before you use it again.

select software update from setting

Force shut down the mobile

Another simplest method to stay steer of confusing error messages is to force shut down the mobile. Hence, force turns off the mobile and then turn it on after some time-lapse.

Remove and re-insert the SIM

SIM and the network might be one of the reasons for the Not registered on Network Android error. To fix this, switch off the phone. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Remove the SIM card and the battery. Refresh the phone and the SIM slot by pressing the Power and the Home button multiple times. Now, reinsert the SIM and the battery. This should help.

Changing the network manually

The error not registered on Android might be also due to the network provider. In such cases, you can try to fix this error as below. The terms and the path may vary based on your phone model:

Go to phone connections/mobile networks. Here you can see the mobile networks and the Data networks that you have set on your phone. Choose Manually Select Network and let your phone grab the best network available for it. 

Isolate your phone entirely

If all the above methods do not help. Isolate your mobile entirely for some time. You can achieve this by Turning on the Airplane Mode/Flight Mode. 

Set the phone in Airplane Mode and leave it for some time. Later, turn off the Airplane mode and your phone will try to connect to the strongest networks available near it.

switch to Aeroplane mode from settings

Adjust the Network mode

In some cases, slight changes in network adjustment will help solve the not registered on network error. To do this, change your phone’s network mode settings by choosing network mode to 2G only, 3G/4G only, etc. You can change this setting via your phone’s Settings à Connections à Mobile Networks and then Network Mode. 

Try Rooting and Patching

Based on your phone’s make, try to Root the phone. Choose the related patch from the play store and follow the instructions to complete the patch.

Reset the Settings

If nothing seems working to fix the not registered on Android error, reset the network settings. To do this, go to Back up and Reset in your phone settings. Choose Reset Network Settings. This will restore the factory version of the network settings. After the process is completed, you can see a confirmation message.

Run your phone in Service mode

Service mode lets you ping your mobile and debug what the issue is. Hence put your phone in Service mode. To run Service Mode on mobile, you will need to enter the special key. Check the service mode of your phone make and enter the key. Then run a ping test. Once you are here, turn off the radio mode. This will restart your device and should fix the network not registered error.

Which of the above techniques helped you? Do you have any other ideas to fix this error? Please let us know in the comments.

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