How to Turn OFF Google Discover News?

Google Discover News is the latest feature from Google. It serves the personalized news feed to the user even before they search for something specific. This feature is available for Google users on Android, Google App, and browsing Google through the mobile browser. 

Turn OFF Google Discover News

This feature works by studying the user’s interests and showing them the related interesting content, they may anticipate. You can understand this feature a step ahead of Google Search where you need not search for your routine topics and interesting reads that you would like to read regularly. 

How to Turn off Google Discover News on Android?

  • Open Google Application
  • Click on Settings under profile
  • Choose General Settings
  • Turn OFF the Discover Toggle

While this Google Discover feature can be interesting and handy to some, others might feel like turning it off. If you looking to turn off discover on Android, here are three ways that will help you do this:

Method 1: Turn off Discover Using Google App

Open the Google App on your Android phone. Tap your profile pic at the right-hand top corner. Choose Settings.

Google App
Google App

Choose General.


You can find the Discover option from among the listed features. Toggle the button to Off.


And there your go!

Discover off
Discover off

Alternatively, if you do not wish to see a News entry on your Discover, you can do this:

  • Touch the Settings button at the bottom of the News you wish to hide.
hide news
hide news
  • Choose Hide this Story from the options shown.
hide news
hide story
  • That News will be hidden from your Discover Feed.

Method 2: Hide Google Discover from Home Screen

You can also hide Google Discover by completely hiding the Google App if it is on your Home Screen. This method may be available in certain models of phones only.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold the Google app button on the Home Screen. 
  • Next, you can see the Show Google App option.
  • Toggle this OFF.

In this method, you are turning off the whole Google App from appearing on the Home Screen which also turns off the Discover feed. 

If you do not wish to turn Google fully on your phone, you can choose the first method mentioned above.

Method 3: Turning off Google Discover from

  • Go to on an Android device. 
  • Tap the three lines menu option.
  • In the Settings, go to Discover
  • Select Don’t show on the homepage.

Some of these features are limited to only certain mobile phones. However, one of these options will surely work for turning off Google Discover News.

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