8 Best Emulators for Pubg

With regard to popularity, one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices is Battle Royale. PUBG Mobile is similar to PUBG, and like PUBG, it is played on mobile phones.

PC gaming on Steam has launched its early access program for the new game. PubG began as a test version in March 2017 and then went on to become the number one battle royale game in December 2017.

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Over a year after the debut of PUBG Mobile, the game became extremely famous and remains one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Gamers can play PUBG Mobile on their PCs like never before, thanks to the usage of an emulator. A keyboard and mouse provide players the maximum amount of control, agility, and precision in the game.

As of July 2021, the following are the best PUBG Mobile Emulators 


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This Tencent Gaming Buddy game-making program is the only one that really works with their games. Since it can run Tencent games, it can also run other Tencent games.

On top of that, the installation file and the emulator enable gamers who don’t use mobile gaming apps. 

Players will be able to sign in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games accounts after downloading the game.

New players can choose from all of the maps and only Erangle is pre-installed. With this, players will be able to choose among mobile devices, in which high-definition music, graphics, and resource packs can be downloaded.


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Among game emulators, BlueStacks is among the most popular. There have been several upgrades and enhancements to the program in the last few years with the aid of Bluestacks.

The emulator can even run any of the most graphically intensive Android games without lag using DirectX and the system graphics.

A basic application in terms of functionality, BlueStacks Emulator for PC is an emulator. To find out more about the program, visit the company’s website.

Once the app has been installed, you can use your Google Account credentials to log into the Google Play Store.

After completing the setting process, gamers must look for and download the PUBG Mobile game from the Google Play Store.

To play the game, you first need to download and install PUBG Mobile, then log in using one of the game’s supported social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games.

 MEmu Player

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The MEmu Player is tailored for people with slower computer hardware. 4GB of RAM or less is required for MEmu Player to work correctly on a laptop with no specialist graphics card installed.

A dedicated graphics card is installed in the player’s PC or laptop, which allows the emulator to take advantage of it to increase the graphical quality.

In order to speed up your game, the PUBG Mobile MEmu Player emulator for PC comes preset with keybindings and mappings that you can easily modify to your preferences.

Nox Player 

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Unlike other media players, NoxPlayer has a unique control scheme. Players in PUBG Mobile can run the game using Nox Player, another popular option for playing on a PC or laptop in a virtual environment.

A stable frame rate helps to produce a seamless gaming experience for the user.

While in first-person shooter (FPS) and battle royale games, such as PUBG Mobile, reducing motion blur is a factor in how many frames per second (FPS) one gets, FPS has the opposite effect in RPG games where a higher frame rate helps minimize jitter and allows more precise controls.

Nox Player differs significantly from other emulators, and users will have to get used to the unique control mechanism if they decide to use Nox Player.

It is not possible to modify the controls after they have been set up and customizing the game’s keys from the options menu is also not allowed.

Remix OS Player 

 Remix OS Player

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to the Remix OS Player. Remix OS Player, developed by Jide Technology, is notably easy and user-friendly to use when compared to other emulators.

Customization is one of the primary features of Xquisit since users are able to tweak almost every control to their satisfaction, as well as completely customize the aesthetics via the settings menu.

It was built with cheap and mid-level PCs and laptops in mind. This is a great emulator for people who want a fully customized emulator. 

Android Studio 

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Android Studio is Google’s official Android operating system for desktop PCs, which was first released in April of this year. This is created for developers to utilize to try out beta app builds on various Android phone and operating system combinations.

Because of this, Android Studio is more suited for advanced users than it is for novice ones. It is quite powerful in every respect, but it is also very adaptable, which makes it the most capable Android emulator on the market today.

There are no limits to the version of Android you want to use, and you have full control over many of the settings. If you do, you may then download and play PUBG Mobile, which is free to download and play.

In order to run PUBG Mobile on Android Studio, you must install the game and also configure a few settings. On the other hand, you will have greater control over how the game appears on your PC while running on Android Studio.

LD Player 

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LD Player, an otherwise relatively new emulator for the game, is now available for download. This one is similar to Bluestacks. You can customize the display resolution and the number of resources to use, just like Bluestacks.

In our opinion, the primary draw of this emulator is the fact that Android shortcuts are readily accessible. Your phone games will play well on PC, making use of your PC’s horsepower.

The emulator is installed when it has been downloaded to your computer. If you’ve already started the emulator, wait until it has finished loading all of the necessary resources. 

After checking in with your Google account, begin searching for “PUBG Mobile” on the Google Play Store. Continue on the path from there and you will be able to download the game the same way you would on your smartphone.


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By syncing your Google Play Account with the cloud, you can view your game progress on PC, too. And this emulator is compatible with PUBG mobile, so you’ll be getting an overall enjoyable gameplay experience. Connecting your item to your computer system is easier with this.

Another remarkable thing about the Application is that it syncs across all issues, and it also pushes problem notifications and keeps a history of games on other devices. Syncing data across your desktop and mobile devices are possible with this tool.

You can download the software straight to Andy OS from any desktop browser by using the “Download to Andy OS” option.

There are hardly any Android applications that are restricted to PCs or Macs. When utilizing a mobile joystick, the setup will be simple and quick.

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